Residential Broadband

CELLCOM Wireless Broadband Internet Service - For Your Home, Small Business or On-The-Road at an affordable price!

With speeds equivalent to high-speed DSL (400-700 kbps) you can download files in minutes, not hours! Download music and movies, and send photos of the kids to the family! Now you can do it all.

Mobile Residential RouterYou don’t need a phone line, satellite dish or cable connection to access the web. Your PC or Mac connects to the internet using a wireless router/gateway. With Cellcom you have the choice of a small “box with antennas” or a pocket-sized mobile hotspot, through which either unit receives the internet signal from a Cellcom tower. The box or hotspot then re-broadcasts the internet signal throughout your home. You can wirelessly connect to that re-broadcast with any number of PCs or laptops; you won’t be stuck using the internet on just one PC, nor will you be tied to a telephone outlet!

Connect to Cellcom’s internet signal using these router/gateways:

AXESSTEL MV440 (box with antennas)
4G Novatel Wireless MiFi® 4510
(intelligent mobile hotspot)

Local Service: $49.95/month
(20gb download/month cap)

Nationwide Service
$35.00/month (3gb download/month cap)
$60.00/month (5gb download/month cap)
(Additional Usage: $15.00 per gig on 3gb plan, $10.00 per gig on 5gb plan)

Curious? Questions?

Stop by our showroom any time for a full-working demonstration. We have set up a PC using Cellcom’s wireless residential broadband service, so you can see the speeds and experience the quality first-hand. We’ll explain how it works and also be able to offer you the latest, best pricing available on equipment and service plans!