Residential Broadband

CELLCOM Wireless Broadband Internet Service – For Your Home, Small Business or On-The-Road at an affordable price!

With speeds equivalent to high-speed DSL (400-700 kbps) you can download files in minutes, not hours! Download music and movies, and send photos of the kids to the family! Now you can do it all.

residential-broadband-mobileWith a mobile broadband device from Cellcom, you can work and play in more places than ever before. And with Cellcom’s Nationwide 4G LTE network, you can experience blazing speeds between 5-12Mbps and up to 700Kbps on 3G!

Curious? Questions?

Stop by our showroom any time for a full-working demonstration. You can see the speeds and experience the quality first-hand. We’ll explain how it works and also be able to offer you the latest, best pricing available on equipment and service plans!