Share Plan

Our calling Share Plan meets YOUR needs, whether you spend your time primarily in Wisconsin, or travel nationwide. Enjoy unlimited nationwide talk, messaging and share a single pool of data with up to 10 devices.

Click on the Share Plan banner to visit the official Cellcom website for complete details.

Share Plan Banner

All Cellcom Calling Plans and Add-Ons subject to Terms and Conditions.

Unlimited Home Phone Service

Home Phone Service from Cellcom replaces your current landline service. Keep your same home or business phone number or we can set you up with a new one. Works with up to 3 phones.

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All Cellcom Calling Plans and Add-Ons subject to Terms and Conditions.

myChoice Prepaid Plans

Cellcom offers a variety of plans to fit your prepaid lifestyle. They are simple and affordable with no contracts and no hassles. Just add minutes when you need them.

Visit the myChoice Prepaid Plans page on the Cellcom website for more information.

Wireless Broadband Internet comes to Door County

Cellcom has brought wireless high-speed internet to rural homes in northern Door County!

With speeds equivalent to high-speed DSL (and mid-range cable) and prices the same or lower than your precious few other options for broadband service, signing up with Cellcom for high-speed internet is a no-brainer!

You could be on the internet TONIGHT for under $40/month.

How much is your time worth as you sit at your computer waiting around for hours on dial-up? Imagine if you could load those pages in seconds, or even just plain finally access your banking and credit card sites? High-speed internet will save you a lot of time, and connect you to much of the world you couldn’t reach before.

Read more about this terrific and affordable service here.

Make your Nights & Weekends Longer

Looking for another easy way to save money? How about by talking on your Cellcom cell phone!

Talk longer on nights and weekends by starting them earlier. And it can cost less than you are paying now! Start your evening at 7 PM to get a good start on a night of talking.

The 7 PM start costs just $9.99/mo. on MobileTies™ plans, and $16.95/mo. on US America plans. This add-on is available on plans $29.95 or higher.

Call or visit our showroom to activate Extended Nights & Weekends on your line.

Got leftovers?

Do you have leftover minutes most months, but worry about running out of minutes and accruing a sizable cell bill?

Paying for overage minutes after-the-fact can be very expensive. Cellcom wants to help you by rolling those leftover minutes over to the next month. Keep and carry over your unused accumulated anytime minutes from month to month for up to 12 billing periods.

Keep Your Minutes costs just $9.95/month (a lot cheaper than overages often cost!) and is available on calling plans $39.95 or higher.

Call us at 920-854-4800, or stop by to activate Keep Your Minutes on your line today.